Jeremy Likness avatar

Jeremy Likness

Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate
Missing avatar

Kevin Kline

Technology Evangelist
Chris Riesgo avatar

Chris Riesgo

Director of Mobile Architecture
Chris Gardner avatar

Chris Gardner

leebrandt 926 avatar

leebrandt 926

Developer Advocate

Elijah Manor

Senior Software Engineer
Mike Amundsen avatar

Mike Amundsen

Director of API Architecture

Douglas Starnes

Pete Brown avatar

Pete Brown

QA Engineer
Missing avatar

Steve Grunwell

Senior Software Engineer
Jay Harris avatar

Jay Harris

Problem Solver
David Neal avatar

David Neal

Software Developer
Ian Lee avatar

Ian Lee

Chief Architect
pgauthier 107 avatar

pgauthier 107

Sr. Manager Application Development
Missing avatar

Matt Philip

Director of Learning and Development

Jeremy Clark

Developer Betterer
Duane Newman avatar

Duane Newman

Josh Lane avatar

Josh Lane

Software Architect | Microsoft Azure MVP

John Berryman

Missing avatar

Cassandra Faris

Talent Manager
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